Our Activities


Specialising in the design and production of complex scientific and technical systems, the skills of CHRISAR'S team of engineers are used to meet our clients requirements in the context of developments or measurement studies:

  • Design / development of software and/or electronics to specifications,
  • IT Consulting,
  • Studies.
Major skills

Underwater and aerial acoustics

Sensors, sonobuoys, sonar, array, propagation, acquisition, analysis, measure, classification & identification, signature database, Anti-Submarine Warfare, marine mammals.

Analogue and digital signal processing

Algorithms, programming and implementation, automatic data analysis, digital simulation.

Analogue and digital electronics

Conception, design, prototyping, filtering, RFID, radio communications, antenna design and measurement, satellite control, micro-controllers.

Information Technology

Architecture, conception, development, deployment, release management, embedded systems, distributed systems, servers and HCI (back-office & front-office), databases, GIS, environments Java/J2EE and C++/Qt.