Our Company

CHRISAR was founded in 2003 by a team of 3 engineers with over 20 years of experience in the development and deployment of complex scientific and technical solutions within the fields of acoustics, signal processing and data processing.

In 2005, whilst CHRISAR already had the status of Young Innovative Company, it joined the new PACA Marine Competitivity Centre (Mediterranean Sea Competitivity Centre since 2013) to strengthen its capacity in research and development. CHRISAR then put in place a development strategy following 3 complementary axes : R&D , Products and Services.

Since 2007 CHRISAR has participated in a number of collaborative R&D projects certified by the Mediterranean Sea Competitivity Centre, as leader or partner, expanding its range of skills in computing, electronics and mechanics.

As a very active member, CHRISAR was elected in 2008 to the Steering Committee of the Mediterranean Sea Competitivity Centre, then re-elected in 2011 on the Board of Directors. This commitment has led CHRISAR to decidedly turn its activities towards the maritime sector, primarily in Naval Defence, Surveillance and Maritime Security, Biodiversity and Marine Mammals Protection with an emphasis on the theme of : Underwater Acoustics.

CHRISAR now has twenty engineers and doctors, experts in their fields, combining their skills to innovate and meet the needs of its customers.